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“It’s crucial that the tool we use for time tracking is intuitive.” – a chat with the Founder of Cloud Perspective

As we celebrate Beebole’s 12th Anniversary we ask ourselves, just how long is that in technology years? A lot to say the least. As times have changed so have we, and we have seen our customers evolve as well. We have loved watching their growth and success. Beebole wouldn’t be here without them, so we’ve […]

Why use a work timer? Start and end time matter in employee time tracking

If you’ve ever implemented time tracking for your team, you know there’s a dizzying number of options available. But there are important differences between attendance trackers and time trackers, and significant benefits to using a solution with a work clock or work timer. Attendance tracking and time tracking: Like chalk and cheese Understandably, businesses want […]

“Time tracking allows non-profits to make more informed decisions about the true cost of our activities.” – from KMAC Director Aldy Milliken

It’s incredible that Beebole is turning 12, and even more incredible that we have so many diverse and extraordinary companies using our time tracking tool. We’re proud to work with them and to celebrate we want to share some of their stories with the world. Here’s one. The KMAC, or Kentucky Museum of Art and […]

The complete guide to annual compensation reviews using Google Sheets

Annual compensation reviews are a must. Reviewing and resetting employee salaries help you ensure that your employees are paid fairly. In this article, you’ll learn to perform a salary and comp review in Google Sheets efficiently with our free spreadsheet template. It’s no secret that compensation is crucial to attract and retain talent. When you […]

The boom of remote working: A review of the trends and legal issues for companies

In the last decade, remote working has been on the rise. Whether partially or on a full-time basis, the number of contractors and employees working from home or elsewhere has exploded. Such a trend has been further accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, as many full-time employees who previously worked in an office have now been […]

The CFO Journal with Sergio Sánchez: Capitalizing on trends in FinTech like PSD2 and Open Banking

In The CFO Journal we share insights and advice from Chief Financial Officers and other financial leaders from diverse industries and backgrounds. In this installment, Eurobits Technologies CFO Sergio Sánchez shares what it’s like to be a leader in a highly regulated and rapidly evolving industry such as Open Banking. Who is Sergio Sánchez? Where: […]