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Managing Inbound and Customer Success at Beebole. Connecting with teams and managers worldwide, identifying their obstacles, and communicating the creative solutions that Beebole can offer. Working remote from the Canary Islands.

16 project time tracking tools for enhanced project financial management

There is a considerable number of project time tracking tools on the market. Because there are so many options, we’ve created this guide to today’s top project time tracking tools, making sure to include tools that offer features and price points to meet the needs of teams and businesses of all sizes. Project time tracking […]

The ins and outs of time tracking for contractors

Time tracking for contractors is crucial in today’s gig economy landscape. While staffing your company entirely with independent contractors might sound tempting, it comes with challenges and obligations. The growing distributed economy is increasingly regulated to protect these workers. It’s important to understand the costs, benefits, and obligations of using contractors and freelance workers, particularly […]

Seven steps to motivate employees to track their time

Inaccurate time tracking costs companies money and chasing after late timesheets costs managers time. However, it is also easy to understand why employees forget or choose not to track their time. Without thoughtful onboarding and open communication, your employees are unlikely to track their time correctly or at all. Often, when this happens, companies end […]

Un logiciel de gestion de projet pour des entreprises marocaines compétitives : le cas de Fizazi et Associés

Le cabinet d’audit et de conseil de Rabat consolide sa position d’acteur digital de premier plan
au Maroc en matière de gestion de temps.

Tips for better business intelligence reports on Beebole

You may already know that Beebole offers the most flexible, customizable timesheet reports of any employee time tracking software. Create configurable tables, charts, and graphs on employee hours, overtime, projects, budgets, profit margins, costs, and much more. Build and save as many time tracking reports as you need and create a personalized KPI dashboard. Your […]

La gestión de proyectos para un mejor control de gastos: el caso de una consultora de software

La consultora española Optare Solutions nos cuenta cómo, desde 2016, utilizan Beebole para la gestión de proyectos, además de algún truco con la API para facilitar el control de costes y horas. Alta especialización y experiencia internacional Desde 2002, Optare desarrolla proyectos de consultoría exclusivamente para operadores de telecomunicaciones en todo el mundo, principalmente en […]