Helen Poliquin

Managing Inbound and Customer Success at Beebole. Connecting with teams and managers worldwide, identifying their obstacles, and communicating the creative solutions that Beebole can offer. Working remote from the Canary Islands.

The Top 10 Time Tracking Apps You Might Not Have Heard Of

Published: 2022/10/28 | Update: 2023/3/16 | Helen Poliquin

There is a considerable number of timesheet tools on the market, particularly as more countries implement employee time tracking legislation. ...

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Tips for better business intelligence reports on Beebole

Published: 2022/10/26 | Update: 2023/3/16 | Helen Poliquin

You may already know that Beebole offers the most flexible, customizable timesheet reports of any employee time tracking software. Create ...

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La gestión de proyectos para un mejor control de gastos: el caso de una consultora de software

Published: 2022/2/23 | Update: 2023/3/16 | Helen Poliquin

La consultora española Optare Solutions nos cuenta cómo, desde 2016, utilizan Beebole para la gestión de proyectos, además de algún ...

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Cómo las consultoras pueden medir la rentabilidad de sus proyectos: el caso de Montblanc Consulting

Published: 2022/1/12 | Update: 2023/3/16 | Helen Poliquin

Desde 2012 Montblanc Consulting, una consultoría de empresas basada en Chile, ha contado con Beebole para su control horario. Hablamos ...

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Les 5 logiciels de gestion des temps et activités (GTA) dont vous n’avez pas encore entendu parler

Published: 2021/9/1 | Update: 2023/3/21 | Helen Poliquin

Il existe un nombre considérable d’outils et logiciels de gestion des temps et activités (GTA) sur le marché en 2021 ...

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Manage remote employees webinar

Published: 2021/2/3 | Update: 2023/3/21 | Helen Poliquin

How to Make Remote Work Part of Your Team’s DNA A conversation with leading remote managers and industry experts – ...

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