Get Powerful, Customizable Timesheet Reports in Excel with Beebole

Enhance your employee time tracking data and gain valuable insights in real time with Beebole's free add-in for Excel spreadsheets.

Integrate your Beebole time data with Excel spreadsheets

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Timesheet reports in Excel with Beebole

Seamlessly Integrated

Say goodbye to manual timesheet exports to Excel

Connect Excel spreadsheets directly to your Beebole account with this easy-to-use add in. This integration makes it easier than ever to manage and analyze your time and project data. Access information in real time and use pivot tables, calculations, graphs, charts, VBA, and all of Excel's capabilities to craft and automate perfect custom employee time reports.


Timesheet reports in Excel with Beebole

Accessible & Collaborative

Save your team time and money

Excel offers the universal language in data analysis, used by nearly all industries and roles and ideal for sharing and collaborating. Beebole's add-in for Excel makes time tracking and project management data easily accessible to your whole organization. Whether collaborating with colleagues in HR, IT, or Finance, everyone will save time, money, and a whole lot of frustration.


Build charts with Beebole's add-in for Excel

Business Intelligence Ready

Connect with top business intelligence tools

Beebole's timesheet add in for Excel lets you link your time data with other tools and sources such as Google Data, Power BI, BigQuery, SQL Server, Oracle, and much more. Do away with data silos and break down the barriers to collaboration and communication in your organization. Linking Beebole and Excel helps ease information sharing and leads to a more proactive use of a company's business intelligence.