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The True Cost of Employees: How Much Does an Employee *Really* Cost? [+ free labor cost calculator]

Updated on: 2023/7/19 | Carlos Quintana

Understanding the true cost of employees is crucial for any business looking to manage resources effectively. That’s why we’ve created ...

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The long-time (no see?) coming of your staff turnover: Get your organization ready for the impact.

Published on: 2023/12/5 | Carlos Quintana

Welcome to The Great Resignation Era. Staff turnover is global. Is your organization really prepared with a retention strategy? Find out.

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Overcome the hidden hurdles of overtime cost analysis with this method

Published on: 2023/11/16 | Jason Hershman

Today we’re diving right into overtime cost analysis. Fixed costs, such as rent, insurance, and salaries for regular full-time employees, ...

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Payroll Variance Explained: A Comprehensive Guide for Finance and HR Managers

Published on: 2023/10/17 | Ben Wann

What is a Payroll Variance? Payroll variance is a running total of how much money your company has paid out ...

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7 Steps to Motivate Employees to Track Their Time

Updated on: 2023/10/10 | Helen Poliquin

Inaccurate time tracking costs companies money and chasing after late timesheets costs managers time. However, it is also easy to ...

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Project cost management: Adjustable forecasting and the Excel OFFSET function

Published on: 2023/9/5 | Andrew Childress

Today we’re talking project cost management with adjustable forecasting and the Excel OFFSET function. Follow along below, or watch the ...

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Le rôle de l’intelligence artificielle en gestion de projet

Published on: 2023/8/2 | Lamyae Joti

De nos jours, l’intelligence artificielle (IA) joue un rôle de plus en plus prépondérant dans de nombreux domaines, et la ...

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