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The workforce management apps, tools, & software that actually impact your business

Updated: 2023/5/23 | Katie Stearns

Workforce management apps and software are the backbone of any smooth-sailing operation, and everybody knows it. Whether you’re talking business ...

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Remote Work in the Eyes of an ‘Evil’ Human Resources Expert

Published: 2021/4/15 | Suzanne Lucas

When it comes to Human Resources demystification, no one does it quite like Suzanne Lucas aka the Evil HR Lady. ...

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What Preschoolers Can Teach Us + More Great Productivity Content for the Month You Need it Most

Published: 2019/7/17 | Katie Stearns

Summer’s in full swing, and it’s no secret productivity in the office tends to drop when temps start to rise. ...

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Automated timesheet reminders and templates for managers

Published: 2019/7/9 | Helen Poliquin

Get a better control of the hours done by your team with timesheet approval and automatic email reminders for unfilled timesheets.

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How to choose a time tracking tool for your team (+free scorecard excel template)

Published: 2018/2/14 | Carlos Quintana

Evaluating and comparing timesheet programs can be a tedious process. You may lack a clear set of questions and goals ...

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