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How internal employee transfers will motivate your team but challenge your managers

How do you keep employees motivated and engaged in the workplace? There are several strategies, one of which is talent mobility. Generally speaking, talent mobility is the practice of using internal talent to fill positions within your company. However, talent mobility goes far beyond that. “Unlike succession, which is typically a top-down approach, talent mobility […]

The CFO Journal with Jennifer Ceran: “Automating more of my day to day allows me to focus on what matters.”

For the fifth installment of The CFO Journal we talked to Jennifer Ceran, CFO of the project management giant Smartsheet. She shared insights on investing in operational excellence, going public, and her experience as a female executive. Who is Jennifer Ceran? Where: Smartsheet is an enterprise SaaS platform for managing and automating collaborative work. The […]

“The most important thing a CFO can do is to win the confidence of your peers” – The CFO Journal with Giulia George of Local Measure

In The CFO Journal we talk to Chief Financial Officers from diverse sectors and backgrounds about their insights, experience, and advice for other professionals and aspiring CFOs. In this installment, Giulia George tells us about being a female executive at a fast growing Sydney startup. Who is Giulia George? Where: Local Measure is an independent software […]

Google spreadsheet timesheet: An add-on to create incredible employee time reports

Our Google spreadsheet timesheet add-on is perfect if you want to create more powerful employee time reports. Why? Real time business intelligence is fundamental for any organization, whether monitoring its financial status or employee productivity. Frequent, reliable reports offer short-term insights that can lead to long-term savings and growth. To help with this, Google Sheets […]

Timesheet integration with Xero and Office 365: A case study by Taptu

Embracing the API economy Ah, the joys of cloud computing! No hardware, less waste, reduced costs, remote access, automatic updates, and the list goes on. But the growing selection of solutions might have you feeling like you can have too much of a good thing. Today, small and medium businesses are juggling an average of 14.3 […]

When it comes to timesheets for contractors and consultants: A customer case

Independent contractors (freelancers, the self employed, the gig economy, or however you refer to it) are expected to make up half of the American workforce within the decade. Growth is driven by employers looking for specialized workers on demand, and workers themselves who are willingly making the switch. Both parties must adapt to the change. […]