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Why documenting your processes is key to surviving as remote business

You might think that process documentation—internally used, detailed descriptions with exact steps of how things are done—are complicated, time consuming, and unnecessary. You have far more important things to worry about when running a remote business, after all. Well, what if I told you that companies lose up to 30% in revenue every year due […]

The top 5 challenges of managing a remote team successfully

We live in times where, often, remote work is no longer an optional arrangement. Today, the question is not so much if but how to build a remote work strategy. However, the road that leads to a healthy remote work strategy can be bumpy if you’re not aware of the obstacles along the way. From […]

Tips for effective employee performance reviews [4 HR experts weigh in]

We all know that employees yearn for constructive performance reviews. We also know that managers often find feedback hard to give. The fact is, whether it comes in the form of a positive evaluation or constructive criticism, reviewing performance is key to employee engagement, development and the growth of your business. It can even help […]

Fostering occupational health and safety [with insights from 3 experts]

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is multidisciplinary, encompassing a range of issues related to health, safety, and welfare at the workplace. The field has evolved drastically over the last two-hundred years, and OHS now goes beyond hazard prevention and incorporates the optimization of working conditions to increase employee wellness and productivity. This includes employees’ rights […]

How to build an automated report in Excel with Power Query: The time tracking dashboard

When it comes to maximizing productivity and saving time, automated reports in Excel with Power Query are key. That’s why we created this tutorial on YouTube, where you can see how to build a time tracking dashboard with Power Query. Reporting automation allows managers and controllers to have business metrics dashboards up to date in […]

What does annual compensation mean? (and 9 more up-to-date FAQ on employee compensation in the US)

When it comes to annual salary and compensation, there can be a bit of confusion. What do these words encompass, how are they defined, and what’s legally required from an employer’s perspective? Those are just some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to annual compensation, which is why we’re tackling them—along with […]