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Why democratic leadership is the best style to boost productivity

What does good leadership mean in the era of hybrid and remote work? What kind of leadership style is best to keep productivity high and promote an ethical workforce? As the title of this article suggests, we may have a straightforward answer for you. However, it might not be so simple—stay tuned for the twist […]

[Étude de cas] Infopro Digital optimise sa planification et ses ressources

La société leader de l’information automobile pour les méthodes et les pièces détachées budgétise finement ses études. Infopro Digital (3 600 collaborateurs, 480 M€ de CA, présence dans 15 pays) développe des dispositifs digitaux (plateformes, logiciels, salons professionnels, bases de données, formations) permettant à ses clients issus de six communautés professionnelles (assurance et finance, automobile, […]

Cómo las consultoras pueden medir la rentabilidad de sus proyectos: el caso de Montblanc Consulting

Desde 2012 Montblanc Consulting, una consultoría de empresas basada en Chile, ha contado con Beebole para su control horario. Hablamos de por qué buscaron una aplicación en la nube y cómo utilizan los informes semanales automatizados para medir la productividad y rentabilidad de su equipo. Una consultora de empresas de alta dirección Montblanc Consulting, fundada […]

Mastering budget vs. actuals analysis: Excel Power Query tutorial + FREE template

In this tutorial, learn how to create a budget vs. actuals report in Excel using Power Query. Gain insights and track financial performance effortlessly. As a financial controller, accountant, or CFO, you’re likely familiar with the concept of budget vs. actuals. You know that reporting budget vs. actuals can be both cumbersome and time-consuming, given […]

How to calculate employee absence rate and why you should do it

Absence days in the workplace are prevalent regardless of schedule, sector, or level. It’s just another moving piece of HR and the working world. That’s why it’s essential to understand your employee absence rate and know how to calculate it. Are you aware of the impact that absence days have in the workplace? Is your […]

Is a great place to work compatible with remote work?

We are entering a new era where remote and hybrid-based models will likely prevail across the corporate world. Because of this, remote work options will surely increase and even become dominant for many companies. But can a remote or hybrid company still be a great place to work? Can you keep your remote employees engaged, […]