Employee Time Tracking Software That Puts Security First

Beebole uses only the most secure cloud based technology to keep your timesheet data safe and sound. 256-bit encryption, login with SSO, secure data backups, and state of the art server and network security.

Beebole secure timesheets

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Beebole secure time management software

Internal Security

Secure timesheets, from the inside out

Data Encryption

  • 256 bit encryption on all data in transit.

  • Passwords are salted and hashed (SHA) for added security.

Secure Backups

  • Backups of databases and servers are run daily and stored in secure locations.

Hardware and Network Security

  • Servers are at a secure location with multiple layers of physical on site security, including biometric fingerprint, handprint, retina scan, key card, and pin codes.

  • Firewalls, antivirus, and a SSL/TLS secured connection.

Software Security

  • We believe in security by design, applied in development.

  • Regular pen tests are performed by Bugcrowd.

Beebole secure time tracking software

Product security

Respectful and responsible data management

Secure account access

  • Robust password security, or centralized login via your own SSO solution.

  • Configurable roles and permissions for each of your employees.

Compliant with GDPR and DCAA

  • Unlimited record retention with optional data deletion for individual users.

  • Reliable data privacy and easy exports of any or all time data.

Audit trails and logs

  • Audit trail reports track detailed information on all changes to time entries to ensure accurate timesheets.

  • Daily backups with a retention cycle of 30 days, as well as 90-day internal logs for error analysis and optimization.

Time-based access by support

  • Our support team will only access your environment via temporary users that are deleted at ticket closure.