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Our list of articles on our product releases, how-tos, tutorials. Sometimes some self-promotion, company news...a little bit of tooting our own horn.

Tips for better business intelligence reports on Beebole

Published: 2022/10/26 | Helen Poliquin

You may already know that Beebole offers the most flexible, customizable timesheet reports of any employee time tracking software. Create ...

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How to Install & Use the Beebole Timesheet Add-in for Excel: Power Up Your Spreadsheets with Time Tracking Data

Published: 2022/5/4 | Andrew Childress

The Beebole Microsoft Excel add-in has arrived! With this new tool, you can connect spreadsheets directly to your Beebole account. ...

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Make Video Part of Your Internal Communication Strategy with Beebole’s Custom Module

Published: 2019/10/29 | Helen Poliquin

Did you know that your team is 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or ...

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Embed a Google Calendar in Your Timesheet Dashboard With Beebole’s Custom Module (and so much more!)

Published: 2019/6/25 | Helen Poliquin

At Beebole, we work to make our time tracking tool as customizable as possible to ensure it can be adapted ...

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Google spreadsheet timesheet: an add-on to create incredible employee time reports

Published: 2019/2/21 | Helen Poliquin

Our Google spreadsheet timesheet add-on is perfect if you want to create more powerful employee time reports. Why? Real time ...

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