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Five Google Sheets formulas for HR managers

Beebole’s blog is home to some really great tutorials. Often, both Google Sheets and Office 365 experts dive into practical tutorials you can start implementing at work today. Whether you’re a financial controller looking to manage profits, an HR manager who wants the best for your team or someone who just wants to manage company […]

EU working time directive: A cautionary tale from Spain

On January 29, 2018, when the Spanish union “Comisiones Obreras (CCOO)” filed a lawsuit against the Spanish subsidiary of Deustche Bank at the European Court, a pandora’s box of unknown consequences was being opened. It first impacted Spain and is now hovering over the rest of the Union member states.  We are referring to the […]

How to become an overnight success…in 10 years. My story.

When we think about startups, we usually think about small tech companies with innovative ideas/solutions that have the potential to experience enormous growth in a short period of time. To a certain degree, Beebole, the company I created 10 years ago with my friend Mic Cvilic, fits that idea. However, I’ve never considered Beebole a […]

What preschoolers can teach us + more great productivity content for the month you need it most

Summer’s in full swing, and it’s no secret productivity in the office tends to drop when temps start to rise. Employees have summer barbecues and upcoming vacation time on the brain. The sunshine pouring through the office windows really doesn’t help the situation. That’s why we’ve scoured the web to tackle summer productivity in the […]

Automated timesheet reminders and templates for managers

Get a better control of the hours done by your team with timesheet approval and automatic email reminders for unfilled timesheets.

Embed a Google Calendar in your timesheet dashboard with Beebole’s custom module (and so much more!)

At Beebole, we work to make our time tracking tool as customizable as possible to ensure it can be adapted to meet any organization’s needs. In keeping with this, we offer a custom module that you can drag and drop into any of your screens. Here, we show you how to use it to embed […]