Carlos Quintana

Writer specialized in finance, tech and SaaS. Apart from writing, he loves football and cultural walks around Rome.

Mastering data: The guide on business intelligence tools (and everything else you need to know)

Updated: 2023/12/8 | Carlos Quintana

There are three words that have transformed business intelligence (BI) into one of today’s most popular topics: data, data and ...

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The long-time (no see?) coming of your staff turnover: Get your organization ready for the impact

Published: 2023/12/5 | Carlos Quintana

Welcome to The Great Resignation Era. Staff turnover is global. Is your organization really prepared with a retention strategy? Find out.

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The true cost of employees: Calculate employee cost with this labor cost spreadsheet

Updated: 2023/7/19 | Carlos Quintana

Understanding the true cost of employees is crucial for any business looking to manage resources effectively. That’s why we’ve created ...

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Cracking the Code for Success: Time Tracking for IT and Software Development Firms

Updated: 2023/6/2 | Carlos Quintana

Today’s software development companies face a world full of challenges. From keeping up with the pace of technology to effectively ...

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What does absenteeism cost a company? Well…and presenteeism?

Updated: 2023/5/19 | Carlos Quintana

The large scale costs of absenteeism and presenteeism Measuring the costs of absenteeism and presenteeism is a challenging task. In ...

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Employee Monitoring: How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls [and the alternative]

Updated: 2023/5/10 | Carlos Quintana

Discover the Hidden Traps of Employee Monitoring and Master the Art of Balancing Trust and Productivity. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of employee monitoring while understanding the crucial distinction between employee monitoring and time tracking. Uncover practical strategies to foster a culture of transparency, engagement, and respect in the workplace, ensuring harmony between employer objectives and employee privacy. Empower your organization with effective monitoring practices that boost productivity without sacrificing trust or morale. Dive into our comprehensive guide now.

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