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Tips for better business intelligence reports on Beebole

You may already know that Beebole offers the most flexible, customizable timesheet reports of any employee time tracking software. Create configurable tables, charts, and graphs on employee hours, overtime, projects, budgets, profit margins, costs, and much more. Build and save as many time tracking reports as you need and create a personalized KPI dashboard. Your […]

Finance controller KPIs that every professional should master [The webinar + the Excel]

The complete list of finance controller KPIs: Webinar + Formulas + Excel included. By The FP&A Guy, Paul Barnhurst.

7 top technology trends for CFOs that will shape the future: from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to strategic partnerships [Experts weigh in]

In the last years, we have seen a new range of technology trends for CFOs and financial management. There has been so much discussion about cloud technology, artificial intelligence and the changing role of the CFO. There is little doubt that these topics will remain crucial in the financial world. However, the experts who contributed […]

The top KPIs for service-based businesses: The metrics you should be monitoring

A business’ greatest assets walk out the door every evening (or log off their computers in a remote-forward world). At some point in your life, you have probably heard this old business adage. For service-based businesses, this is not a metaphor; it’s the truth. So what does this mean when it comes to choosing KPIs […]

How to calculate project profitability using time tracking data: Everything you need to know [Excel tutorial]

If you bill clients based on the time you spend, here’s a pop quiz: which projects make the most money? Or even more importantly: which projects aren’t profitable? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, it’s time to start thinking about project profitability, a measurement of revenue billed versus time and cost expended. […]

Comment Beebole facilite la gestion des reportings financiers dans une ONG – Jérôme Deconinck, Terre de Liens

Depuis 2008, Beebole permet aux entreprises de savoir où va leur temps. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes fiers de pouvoir partager certaines de leurs histoires . Rencontre avec Terre de Liens. Terre de Liens est né en 2003 de la convergence de plusieurs mouvements liant l’éducation populaire, l’agriculture biologique et biodynamique, la finance éthique, l’économie solidaire et […]