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  1. Mitja Puppis says

    What a great read, especially from a European point of view. 🙂

    In May 2019, the European Union’s highest court ruled ( that all employers must track their employees’ working hours. I think that this will greatly benefit the employees, but still opens a bunch of new questions about employee monitoring and so on.

    Do you think that something similar is likely to happen in the US?

    • Katie Stearns says

      Thanks so much for reading, Mitja, and for your thoughts. In the US, it’s actually best practice for employers to set up a time tracking or time records system for their (non-exempt) employees. In fact, the Department of Labor just issued a reminder about exactly this ( Given our current situation with more people working from home than ever before, the DOL insists on the importance of tracking employee hours so employees are accurately compensated.

      Still, like you said, this is an opportunity for new discussions on how employees can (and should) handle remote employees and teams, and what that means in terms of employee monitoring and even workplace culture.

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