Our JavaScript Template (PURE) Becomes Cross-Library

We started the development of PURE with the clear goal of developing a cross-library JavaScript template engine.

Since we are using jQuery as our main JS library in the development of our BeeBole solution, it was obvious to start with this one.

Today, we are happy to announce that PURE has moved another step closer to our initial goal as it now also works with DOMAssistant.

I must say, we haven’t really played a big role here. Everything started with a simple message on the DOMAssistant discussion group

Lim Cheng Hong (one of the three developers behind the library) took the challenge in his hands and made the 6 examples of our Getting Started page working with DOMAssistant in just two days.

You can discover those 6 examples with the DOMAssistant library here

So thank you Lim Cheng Hong and thanks to the DOMAssistant team.

We will soon update our wiki and the PURE website with those new examples.

The next steps will be to port PURE on Prototype, MooTools and Dojo.

If you are ready to get your hands dirty with those adaptations, your help will be more than welcome.

Stay tuned

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