SaaS Startup Creation – BeeBole Technology Choices

An important part in the creation process of a new SaaS offer is of course about technology choices.

You need to choose a language for your back-end, for the front-end, you need a DataBase, you might want to develop everything on an existing platform, …

In some extent, you may even want your technological choices to mirror a certain corporate philosophy.

In the coming weeks, Mic and Hughes will share with you some technical posts about our findings, thoughts and decisions.

We don’t have the pretense of coming out with an absolute winner for each choice that we make. In fact, we think there is no such thing. Each technology has its pros and cons and even those might change depending on the context.

When we started looking at technology to use for our BeeBole solution, we had the following issues in mind:

  • Security: Definitively one of our main concerns
  • Scalability & Performance: We wanted to solve performance and scalability issues on the software level and not only with hardware. (The Multicore Crisis on SmoothSpan)
  • Use of OpenSource Technologies: To ensure lower costs to our future customers and also to give us some flexibility ( OpenSource in SaaS Industry by Gartner)
  • Mashup Approach: to make our solution a user-centric solution and also to give us a real framework to stay competitive among other SaaS offers
  • SOA Approach: to smoothen aggregation of information as well as functionalities
  • Community: Often more important than the technology itself, the community around is key
  • Fun: Yes indeed: Technology can be fun!

We might even have a little surprise in store when it comes to the technology we use for the front-end…

Stay tuned.

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