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  1. Tyler Johnson says

    That’s a good point that it would probably be a lot more stressful and uncomfortable to have the employees tracked all the time. I feel like it would be better to have a bit more of a laid back method of doing it so the workers would feel more comfortable at work. I feel like doing things like random monitoring for like a day will make it so you could see what they get up to, without having them always being watched.

  2. Max Scott says

    Employee monitoring is ok and ethical when adopted and interpreted properly. And, also now due to the remote-first work, most of the employees are searching for ways of how to monitor employees working from home, and time tracking solutions become the most used for employee management and that really has benefits for all.

    • Katie Stearns says

      Hi Max,
      Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. Like we said in the article, it’s all about finding the right balance for employers and employees alike. Time tracking certainly has a lot of benefits while still respecting employees’ privacy.

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