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Project cost management: Adjustable forecasting and the Excel OFFSET function

Published: 2023/9/5 | Andrew Childress

Today we’re talking project cost management with adjustable forecasting and the Excel OFFSET function. Follow along below, or watch the ...

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Python for Finance: Unlocking the Power of Data Analysis

Published: 2023/7/4 | Yves J. Hilpisch

Are you exploring the intriguing world of python for finance? Whether you aspire to work in the financial industry, or ...

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Contractor Payments and Pay Reports Made Easy with Beebole

Published: 2023/2/28 | Andrew Childress

If you have a team of contractors, paying them in a timely manner is a must. You need a speedy ...

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How to Calculate Project Profitability Using Time Tracking Data: Everything You Need to Know [Excel Tutorial]

Published: 2022/7/19 | Andrew Childress

If you bill clients based on the time you spend, here’s a pop quiz: which projects make the most money? ...

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Mastering Budget vs. Actuals Analysis: Excel Power Query Tutorial + FREE Template

Published: 2021/11/10 | Tony De Jonker

In this tutorial, learn how to create a budget vs. actuals report in Excel using Power Query. Gain insights and ...

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How to Use Google Sheets Pivot Tables, Column Stats, Explore, & QUERY Function

Published: 2021/9/15 | David Benaim

As a manager, perhaps you’ve wondered how to take your financial reporting to the next level or how to amp ...

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