Carlos Quintana

Writer specialized in finance, tech and SaaS. Apart from writing, he loves football and cultural walks around Rome.

El teletrabajo en España: legislación, polémica y perspectivas futuras

Published: 2021/2/2 | Carlos Quintana

¿Sabes cuáles son los aspectos y efectos más importantes del Real Decreto-Ley 28/2020 del 22 de septiembre con respecto al ...

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The Top 5 Challenges of Managing a Remote Team Successfully

Published: 2020/11/30 | Carlos Quintana

We live in times where, often, remote work is no longer an optional arrangement. Today, the question is not so ...

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Coronavirus and the future of the workplace: 8 trends to watch

Published: 2020/5/12 | Carlos Quintana

Uncertainty is one of the defining traits of the current coronavirus crisis. We still don’t know how this virus works, ...

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The boom of remote working: A review of the trends and legal issues for companies

Published: 2020/1/30 | Carlos Quintana

In the last decade, remote working has been on the rise. Whether partially or on a full-time basis, the number ...

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How internal employee transfers will motivate your team but challenge your managers

Published: 2019/4/25 | Carlos Quintana

How do you keep employees motivated and engaged in the workplace? There are several strategies, one of which is talent ...

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How to Use Perks to Become a “Great Place to Work”

Published: 2018/9/20 | Carlos Quintana

What makes a company a great place to work? We interviewed Sonia de Mier, from Great Place to Work, on how perks are helping SMEs become a better place.

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