Carlos Quintana

Writer specialized in finance, tech and SaaS. Apart from writing, he loves football and cultural walks around Rome.

Is a Great Place to Work Compatible with Remote Work?

Published: 2021/10/5 | Carlos Quintana

We are entering a new era where remote and hybrid-based models will likely prevail across the corporate world. Because of ...

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Comment élaborer une stratégie réussie et mesurable dans une entreprise 100 % télétravail ?

Published: 2021/9/29 | Carlos Quintana

Que vous gériez une équipe à distance depuis des années ou que la COVID-19 vous ait obligé à adopter rapidement ...

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Best Business Intelligence Tools: How to Take Your BI To the Next Level

Published: 2021/7/28 | Carlos Quintana

If you think that Business Intelligence is something only relevant and accessible to big companies with IT departments or teams ...

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El riesgo de las plantillas excel para el control horario: una ruleta rusa para la empresa y el trabajador

Published: 2021/5/25 | Carlos Quintana

Las multas que se han registrado desde que entrara en vigor el control horario obligatorio en España han dejado en ...

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Trabajo en remoto: marco legal, retos y perspectivas globales

Published: 2021/5/13 | Carlos Quintana

La situación de pandemia dejó al descubierto un importante contraste entre los beneficios que ofrece el trabajo en remoto y ...

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How to Build a Successful and Measurable Remote Work Strategy

Published: 2021/3/4 | Carlos Quintana

Whether you’ve been managing a remote team for years or are newly embracing a remote-work model, knowing how to build ...

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