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  1. GPS Tracking Review says

    All technology products can be used for nefarious purposes (cameras, cell phones etc), but for some reason there is such a negative stigma associated with GPS trackers and for no reason. People need to simply be responsible and adhere to the laws when using the technology

  2. Aaron Paul says

    Really good points!
    Half of our team are remotely-based workers from different countries across the globe so we try our best to make them feel included.

  3. Victor Ross says

    Thanks for highlighting this amazing topic. Companies are legally able to use keystroke recording software on company computers, install video cameras, monitor employee alertness, track physical movement using location-based software, compile lists of websites and apps visited, monitor emails, social media posts and collaboration tools, and collect data on productivity, how employees spend their time and how long it takes them to complete certain tasks.

    Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, more and more people are working remotely from home, and the line between work and home is becoming increasingly blurred as people spend a lot of time on company devices and work phones, even on nights and weekends.

    • Katie Stearns says

      Hi Victor,
      Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment. It is fascinating to see what is legally allowed and not. The next question is: Just because it’s legal, does it mean it’s right for your team?

      • Victor Ross says

        It’s a bit of a tricky question. I don’t think so that any employee like the feeling of being monitored but I have seen in many organizations that have implemented employee monitoring they are really rewarding their employees because they are getting productive work that can’t be attained without an employee monitoring system.

        So if you are rewarding your team for all the hard work that they do for you then it’s really a positive move to the overall company’s growth. I don’t know how many of you agree with my statement. I would love your comments on it 🙂

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