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How to Use Google Sheets Pivot Tables, Column Stats, Explore, & QUERY Function

Published: 2021/9/15 | David Benaim

As a manager, perhaps you’ve wondered how to take your financial reporting to the next level or how to amp ...

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The Complete Guide to Annual Compensation Reviews Using Google Sheets

Published: 2020/2/19 | Andrew Childress

Annual compensation reviews are a must. Reviewing and resetting employee salaries help you ensure that your employees are paid fairly. ...

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How to Automate Employee Cell Phone Data Usage Analysis with Google Sheets (Free Template)

Published: 2019/12/3 | Brian Wochele

There’s no arguing the importance of having a good handle on your employee cell phone data usage, nor the many ...

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5 Google Sheets Formulas for HR Managers

Published: 2019/10/3 | Andrew Childress

Beebole’s blog is home to some really great tutorials. Often, both Google Sheets and Office 365 experts dive into practical ...

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Google spreadsheet timesheet: an add-on to create incredible employee time reports

Published: 2019/2/21 | Helen Poliquin

Our Google spreadsheet timesheet add-on is perfect if you want to create more powerful employee time reports. Why? Real time ...

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