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How to use Google Sheets’ pivot tables, column stats, explore, & QUERY function

As a manager, perhaps you’ve wondered how to take your financial reporting to the next level or how to amp up your data analysis skills. Maybe you’ve got an important meeting coming up, or you’d simply like to wow the executives on your next run-through. Whatever the reason, this tutorial is sure to help. We’re […]

The complete guide to annual compensation reviews using Google Sheets

Annual compensation reviews are a must. Reviewing and resetting employee salaries help you ensure that your employees are paid fairly. In this article, you’ll learn to perform a salary and comp review in Google Sheets efficiently with our free spreadsheet template. It’s no secret that compensation is crucial to attract and retain talent. When you […]

How to automate employee cell phone data usage analysis with Google Sheets (Free template)

There’s no arguing the importance of having a good handle on your employee cell phone data usage, nor the many pros to issuing devices to employees. A company-issued cell phone is often a win-win for both employees and businesses. It provides a clear line of division between work and play for employees, and is especially […]

Five Google Sheets formulas for HR managers

Beebole’s blog is home to some really great tutorials. Often, both Google Sheets and Office 365 experts dive into practical tutorials you can start implementing at work today. Whether you’re a financial controller looking to manage profits, an HR manager who wants the best for your team or someone who just wants to manage company […]

Google spreadsheet timesheet: An add-on to create incredible employee time reports

Our Google spreadsheet timesheet add-on is perfect if you want to create more powerful employee time reports. Why? Real time business intelligence is fundamental for any organization, whether monitoring its financial status or employee productivity. Frequent, reliable reports offer short-term insights that can lead to long-term savings and growth. To help with this, Google Sheets […]