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How to report absenteeism KPIs with an executive HR dashboard

Absenteeism KPIs are a crucial piece of executive HR dashboards because they shed light on trends and potential issues. Employees miss work from time to time due to different reasons, including being sick or even unplanned absences, and that’s how it should be. It’s unrealistic to expect them to report to work every day of […]

The art and science of financial forecast reliability: How to get it right

Financial forecasting is the process of making estimates about the future performance of a business or organization. These estimates are based on past performance, current conditions, and trends. Financial forecast reliability is essential for businesses of all sizes. This allows them to make informed decisions about investments, operations, and strategies. What factors affect financial forecast […]

Python for finance: Unlocking the power of data analysis

Are you exploring the intriguing world of python for finance? Whether you aspire to work in the financial industry, or wish to advance your existing career, mastering Python is a key step forward. In today’s fast-paced financial arena, Python programming is a crucial skill that top institutions seek in their professionals. Dive into this article […]

How to use Power BI for planning, budgeting, and forecasting

Is your organization stuck in spreadsheet chaos because your teams use unnecessarily complicated planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools? For example, when it comes to business budgeting, planning, and forecasting, many top-tier companies still rely on “the good old” Excel or some similar specialized planning tools like SAP BPC, Hyperion, or Workday Adaptive. Nevertheless, do you […]

Contractor payments and pay reports made easy with Beebole

If you have a team of contractors, paying them in a timely manner is a must. You need a speedy workflow to review submitted hours, analyze your contractors’ work, and set up a payment to them. Many contractors work on hourly arrangements. That means it’s important to not only measure their time, but pay them […]