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Stay ahead of crisis: How to *really* use AI to Predict Employee Turnover [+ 3 tips from experts]

Machine learning is transforming the way companies are anticipating employee turnover and thus managing retention and engagement. We will explore this transformation along with various insights from experts in the field who will help us to understand the benefits, challenges, and best practices that you should consider when using AI to forecast employee turnover and […]

How do I reskill finance teams for BI and BA in the AI era? 4 tips from experts

Two different forces have come together to create the perfect excuse for reskilling finance teams in data analysis-related disciplines. The first one is the adoption of automation and AI in the business world. As stated by Andy Ruggles, principal, PwC and Libby Duane Adams, chief advocacy officer/co-founder of Alteryx, “the need for upskilling, reskilling and […]

3 examples of Microsoft Copilot for financial planning & analysis

As artificial intelligence grows in popularity, every company is now competing to launch tools that leverage AI inside their existing apps. Microsoft’s launch of Copilot, an AI assistant tied into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, plants their flag in the world of AI. It’s no surprise that you might be asking yourself: How can I integrate […]

Mastering data: The guide on business intelligence tools (and everything else you need to know)

There are three words that have transformed business intelligence (BI) into one of today’s most popular topics: data, data and data! That’s right. Not too long ago, the most important decisions of a company were defined by accumulated experiences and intuition. Today, however, effective management is defined by actionable, data-driven information. Gone are the days […]

How to use Power BI for planning, budgeting, and forecasting

Is your organization stuck in spreadsheet chaos because your teams use unnecessarily complicated planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools? For example, when it comes to business budgeting, planning, and forecasting, many top-tier companies still rely on “the good old” Excel or some similar specialized planning tools like SAP BPC, Hyperion, or Workday Adaptive. Nevertheless, do you […]