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Stay ahead of crisis: How to *really* use AI to Predict Employee Turnover [+ 3 tips from experts]

Published: 2024/4/9 | Carlos Quintana

Machine learning is transforming the way companies are anticipating employee turnover and thus managing retention and engagement. We will explore ...

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How do I reskill finance teams for BI and BA in the AI era? 4 tips from experts

Published: 2024/3/12 | Carlos Quintana

Two different forces have come together to create the perfect excuse for reskilling finance teams in data analysis-related disciplines. The ...

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3 examples of Microsoft Copilot for financial planning & analysis

Published: 2023/12/12 | Andrew Childress

As artificial intelligence grows in popularity, every company is now competing to launch tools that leverage AI inside their existing ...

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7 top technology trends for CFOs that will shape the future: from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to strategic partnerships [Experts weigh in]

Published: 2022/10/17 | Carlos Quintana

In the last years, we have seen a new range of technology trends for CFOs and financial management. There has ...

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