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  1. Jishnu R says

    Thanks for the post.
    It should be possible to support single page application in offline mode right? Let’s say the application is developed in Angular we cache the whole application using manifest file. The SPA should work without any need for network. With HTML storage, we should be able to store previously retrieved data and use this data to display when the application is running in offline mode. Is this correct?

    • Miguel Guardo says

      That is correct Jishnu,

      As long as you capture every single page the application needs to work offline – the first time the user accesses the app – you are good to go. The user will be able to run the application when offline.

      To cache data, we are using IndexedDB ourselves but you can also use localStorage.

      In this post I am providing a very basic example – without the IndexedDB component – but the BeeBole mobile application is just that: A Single Page Application that works offline


  2. Michel says

    Maybe not the right place to ask.
    But im wondering how do you navigate cms pages.

    lets say you have a blog and products.
    The urls are most of the time not defined by a natural patterns.

    so how does a pwa routing send the urls to the right components.
    – product
    – news
    – content

  3. Miguel Guardo says

    Hi Michael,

    I would say the standard PWA behavior is to cache all static pages that your application need to run offline. If your pages are dynamically created, you can always add some logic in your Service Worker to cache pages as they are navigated by the user. This way, user will be able to at least get access to those pages in case the connection is lost.

    Kind regards,

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