Magda A. Torres

Magda is Customer Success Manager at Beebole. When she's not at work, she's probably traveling and enjoying time with her family.

Time tracking in software development: How SIS Betting uses our tool to reach their goals

Published: 2018/7/10 | Update: 2023/3/16 | Magda A. Torres

Software development moves at a breakneck speed, and Viktor Peacock knows this first-hand. As a Software Development Manager at SIS, ...

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Regulatory compliance and budgeting: 2 headaches for emerging IT companies and one business’ solution

Published: 2018/2/28 | Update: 2023/3/23 | Magda A. Torres

As the co-founder and CTO of Navteca, Ramón Ramirez-Linan, says he did his own research before choosing Beebole as their ...

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5 challenges of mobile workforce management that companies will face in 2019: we asked the experts

Published: 2017/11/29 | Update: 2023/3/16 | Magda A. Torres

The rise of the concept Mobile Workforce is a tremendous example of how technology is transforming our personal and professional ...

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