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Headcount planning explained: How to tackle budgeting & forecasting headcount (The right way)

Published: 2024/2/7 | Paul Barnhurst

Senior leadership at every company needs to have confidence in the hiring plan. The hiring plan is vital to achieving ...

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Project cost control made easy: Mastering budget to actual variance analysis

Published: 2024/1/9 | Asif Masani

To deliver a product or service within a specified time and budget you have to juggle a variety of activities, ...

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Microsoft Fabric for finance professionals: What you should know

Published: 2023/12/12 | Andrew Childress

Recently, Microsoft announced the launch of Fabric. Maybe you met Fabric for the first time when you logged into PowerBI ...

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Overcome the hidden hurdles of overtime cost analysis with this method

Published: 2023/11/16 | Jason Hershman

Today we’re diving right into overtime cost analysis. Fixed costs, such as rent, insurance, and salaries for regular full-time employees, ...

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Payroll variance explained: A comprehensive guide for finance and HR managers

Published: 2023/10/17 | Ben Wann

What is a payroll variance? Payroll variance is a running total of how much money your company has paid out ...

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