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How do I reskill finance teams for BI and BA in the AI era? 4 tips from experts

Two different forces have come together to create the perfect excuse for reskilling finance teams in data analysis-related disciplines. The first one is the adoption of automation and AI in the business world. As stated by Andy Ruggles, principal, PwC and Libby Duane Adams, chief advocacy officer/co-founder of Alteryx, “the need for upskilling, reskilling and […]

Headcount planning explained: How to tackle budgeting & forecasting headcount (The right way)

Senior leadership at every company needs to have confidence in the hiring plan. The hiring plan is vital to achieving a company’s business objectives and goals. This is especially true for fast-growing companies because headcount planning is critical to company growth. Over the last couple of years, the labor market has been very tight, so […]

Project cost control made easy: Mastering budget to actual variance analysis

To deliver a product or service within a specified time and budget you have to juggle a variety of activities, responsibilities, and stakeholders. Estimating the project’s cost and keeping tabs on actual spending are two crucial aspects for project managers. Budget to actual variance analysis is the comparison of the budgeted and the actual cost […]

Microsoft Fabric for finance professionals: What you should know

Recently, Microsoft announced the launch of Fabric. Maybe you met Fabric for the first time when you logged into PowerBI and found new branding, options, and features! So, what is in Microsoft Fabric for finance professionals? Microsoft Fabric is marketed as a “unified data analytics platform.” The goal is to bring together datasets across your […]

Overcome the hidden hurdles of overtime cost analysis with this method

Today we’re diving right into overtime cost analysis. Fixed costs, such as rent, insurance, and salaries for regular full-time employees, are a way of life for companies. These expenses remain constant regardless of changes in demand, production levels, or sales volume. But what about variable costs or expenses that change depending on demand, production levels, […]