Suzanne Lucas

An American in Switzerland, which means I'm late and I overshare. HR Writing, Speaking, Workshops, and Webinars. Snark at no extra charge.

Employee time tracking 101: Best practices from an HR expert [watch webinar]

[What’s in this post: HR expert Suzanne Lucas is well-known for her blog the Evil HR Lady, and she’s an expert when it comes to matters of the people. That’s precisely why we asked her to lead this webinar on Employee Time Tracking and Analytics—be sure to watch it entirely, with plenty of tried and […]

Remote work in the eyes of an ‘evil’ human resources expert

When it comes to Human Resources demystification, no one does it quite like Suzanne Lucas aka the Evil HR Lady. Following our webinar on How to Make Remote Work Part of Your Team’s DNA, the HR expert, truth-teller and TEDx Talk speaker dives into her personal experience with remote work providing additional insights to the […]