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Time Clock

The Time Clock and Time Clock Settings modules are used to track total working time, rather than time spent on projects. If you are using Beebole to track time worked on projects and/or clients, please review our documentation for project tracking.

Time Clock Settings Module

Use the Time Clock Settings module on the "Settings" page to enable or disable time clock features, prevent time tracking before a certain date, and enable geolocation tracking on mobile.

Tracking Time with Time Clock

You can record hours on a desktop in three different ways. You can use the "Clock in" and "Clock out" buttons, manually enter a start and end time, or fill in the day with your work schedule or hours recorded on a previous day. Check our "Getting Started" documentation to read more about tracking time with time clock on a desktop, or read more about using time clock on a mobile device.

Approving or Rejecting Time Off Requests

Time clock users will only use the Approval module to review, approve, and reject time off requests, not timesheets. Absences requested using the Time Off module will appear here. For more information, check our documentation on tracking time off.

Why use a stopwatch timer when tracking time?

Benefits, considerations and legalities of using timers for your employee time tracking.

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