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We'd been searching for six years to find a timekeeping solution to meet our needs

Gary Potterfield,

Meet some of our happy users

BeeBole is trusted by hundreds of organizations and freelancers, to track and analyze their working time

What is BeeBole?

A quick and intuitive timesheet for your team.

And for you, a powerful reporting and consolidation tool to bill your hours and track your project budgets. Discover very easily where your time goes.

The interface is modern and intuitive. User adoption is guaranteed: Employees, Managers, Executives can use it instantly without any training, they'll love it! Let them try it now!

The continuous upgrades are included in the subscription fee. And a great customer support is here to help you or answer any question

Who's using BeeBole?

BeeBole is trusted by great companies around the world in various sectors such as:

  • PR agencies
  • Lawyers
  • NGO's
  • Schools and Universities
  • IT consulting
  • Designers
  • Media
  • Marketing

What our users say?

We'd been searching for six years to find a timekeeping solution to meet our needs

Gary Potterfield,

Meet a few of our happy users

Discover how BeeBole can help you today: Try it for free

No credit card. No spam. No hassle.

For 2+ teams, start as low as $5.99 per user/month

What can you get from BeeBole?

Your team can track their time. You can manage the project billing. And get all information back in real time with powerful reports and graphics.

Your team has more interesting work to do than filling a timesheet. BeeBole is built for speed and keep this tedious task to a minimum, near... enjoyable. Your team will love it! Save them time for their real work.

Benefit from a centralised location of all your team's data. No more spreadsheets to consolidate and errors to make.

Free yourself of any computer worries. It is Software as a Service (SaaS). There's nothing to install. Start your web browser and it works instantly on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobiles.

It's online and available 24/7, almost 100% of the time. We rebooted only once our server in 440+ days! A daily backup and a 256 bit encryption are there to keep your data safe.

If you have questions or doubts: a great customer support is here to help you.

If you are on the go, you can access all features of the app from your smart phone: iPhone, Android or any phone running a modern web browser like Opera Mini or Firefox.

BeeBole is totally customizable. You can tailor it to your exact needs, very easily.

There's plenty of functionality you can choose from, at your pace:

  • Managing budgets
  • Set billing rates. In multiple currencies if needed
  • Approval workflow and email reminder
  • Google Apps integration: Single Sign On, Google Docs
  • Record absences: leaves, holidays, sickness,...
  • Use the app in multiple languages

Just remove what you don't need from the screen, if you want to keep it simple and basic.

Or add all features at your pace while learning about them.

BeeBole has a unique flexible interface designed to centralise various contents coming from other systems.

It's easy to add content to BeeBole coming from other systems that you own(Accounting, ERP, Project management,...) or if some API's are available.

Ask your internal IT team or IT provider to contact us for more information about the possible integrations.

You can fetch in real time data from BeeBole using the available API

Simple pricing

Get all features from $5.99 per user per month.

No complex plans or packages.
Pay-as-you-go service

FREE for a single user (*)

We'd been searching for six years to find a timekeeping solution to meet our needs

Gary Potterfield,

Meet a few of our happy users

For 2+ teams, $5.99 per user if you subscribe for a month.
Get a 10% discount, or $5.39 per user/month if you subscribe for a full year in advance.

How to buy more users?

Sign in to your account.
Click the top right menu:
Settings→Account→Subscription. If you don't have an account yet, Get one here.

Or contact us

Can I change my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can start with the free account( single user ), then buy more users for a month. Then save up to 25% by taking more months. You can as well reduce users or months, or stop your subscription anytime.

What type of payment are available?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. If you prefer a purchase order with another payment method
contact us.

Are we limited in the number of clients or project we use?

No. You can add as many projects and clients as you want. However for 2+ teams, only the paying users will be able to record their time.

Your data are safe and available

Data are backed up every 4 hours and kept for 24 hours. A backup at the end of the day is kept for a month.

(*) FREE for single user

All modules are available for the FREE single user account except: Export, Export to Quickbooks, the API key and the Team calendar

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Timesheet against customer, project, subproject and task
Easy and fast, your staff will love it!
Record hours against Clients, Projects, Sub-projects or Tasks very quickly.

Record as well absences like: Holidays, Leaves or Sickness

Timesheet Interactive Reports
Visualize where your time goes
Understand instantly where the time goes in your organisation with real-time graphical reporting.

Click the chart, to drill down, and get more details about a customer, a project or a person's work.

Common chart types are provided: pie, column, bar, area and table
Team Calendar
Team calendar
Get an overview of your team in a single calendar
Multiple Exports
Print or export your timesheets as PDF or spreadsheet files.
Timesheet - Budget Tracking
QuickBooks Integration
Export all your timesheet and billing data directly into QuickBooks.
Timesheet - Billing
Flexible Billing Methods
Choose the billing that fits your business.

Track billable time by people, project, task or non-billable work. Keep your projects controlled with a powerful reporting tool.

Use various currencies and get a consolidated reporting.
Timesheet - Budget Tracking
Budget Tracking
Set a budget for your projects and sub-projects, either in time or money.

Then monitor the progress of each project in real-time.

A graphical overview allows you to quickly check if all your projects are on track and budget.
Timesheet GoogleApps Integration
Integrated with your Google Apps
Sign in to BeeBole with your Google Apps or Gmail account.

Access BeeBole from your Google Apps menu.

And attach Google Docs Folders to clients, projects and people
Timesheet mobile, smartphone, iPhone
Access your data anywhere

Everything you can do on your desktop, can be done from your mobile.

This unique approach makes all the app functionality available to you, everywhere.

eg: Fill your timesheet. Enter a new project. Approving hours. Modify contact details, ...
Timesheet Interactive Reports
Import your existing data
Import automatically all your clients, projects and staff.

Import your past timesheet records too, and analyze them in the powerful reporting tool available in BeeBole.

Timesheet - Approval Workflow
Submit and approve hours
An approval process is available.

People submit their timesheet at the end of the week or the month.

Managers can then approve or reject the timesheet, and lock the hours to prevent any future changes

Automated email reminders.

Timesheet - Fast app
Built for speed
BeeBole is designed to be very fast and make you and your team fill their timesheets in no time.

Just enter your data and they are automatically saved. No save buttons and waiting time.

Timesheet - Undo, Redo
Unlimited Undo/Redo of your actions
Change your data with confidence, BeeBole lets you undo/redo all the changes you perform. This is unique for an online business app.

Timesheet Customizable
Customize the screen to your needs
If you need a feature or a module, add it to your screen. If you don't need it. Just remove it.

With a simple drag and drop, you can adapt the screen to your needs very easily.

Timesheeet - Spreadsheet export
Analyze your data in a spreadsheet

You can export a CSV file of the recorded time to process it in any common spreadsheet tool (MS Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers) or your accounting system.

Timesheet Internationalization
Use it in your own language

Choose the language of your interface. Available today in English, French, Spanish and Dutch

If your language is not available, let us know

Timesheet GoogleApps Integration
DCAA compliance
Every new or modified record is automatically logged.

Then the audit trail allow you to find an accurate history for each time record.

Timesheet - Role based access
Various roles for your team

Assign a distinct roles to employees, contractors and managers. Each role can be customized to define what modules are available to them