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Strong Encryption

Data undergoes a 256 bit encryption, the same level of security used by online banks. Your data are never sent or received in plain-text. All application passwords are salted and hashed(SHA).


A backup of your BeeBole account is taken every 8 hours. The last backup of the day is kept for a month. The last backup of the month is kept for a year. All encrypted and sitting in a physically separated location.

Physical Security

On a physical level, security at each facility where our servers are is made up of several layers. There is either a manned checkpoint or keycard access to get into the building itself (in some places, even the parking lot). Once inside the building, there are several layers of physical security before actually reaching our equipment, including biometric fingerprint, handprint, retina scan, key card, and PIN numbers. In some facilities you are even escorted to your area at this point, but most allow you to make your own way. All of our equipment is in locked cages, so even if someone was wondering free somehow, they would still need a key, thumbprint, or keycard to get into our locked cage.

Software Security

In order to prevent outside threats and protect your data, we have everything that detects and protects unwanted intrusions with technologies such as firewalled servers, anti-virus, sensitive data encryption in the databases and SSL/TSL secured connection.

Network Security

We have our own internal monitoring solutions in place which alerts us to any issues that may arise and address them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We cannot disclose any specific information about these security implementations as this information could potentially be used to circumvent these systems, however you can rest assured that we take a proactive approach toward the security of our network.

Audit trail

We ensure your data is fully secure with yearly audit trails that allows you to find the exact history for each time record.


You desire to remember the latest recorded version? Export a CSV or PDF file of the recorded time to process it in any usable spreadsheet tool (MS Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers… ) or accounting system.

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